The Zambezi Delta is Best know for its large herds of Buffalo inhabiting the large flood plains and the unique Plains Game species that inhabit its diverse terrains such as Oribi, Red Duiker, Livingstone Suni and phenomenal Sable. To hunt these areas is a unique experience on its own. Hunting leopard over hounds has become an increasingly popular hunts as it allows one the best possible chance of selecting old and large male leopards. 


Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo, Hyena, Hippo, Crocodile, Southern Sable, Selous Zebra, Greater Kudu, Livingstone Eland, Common Reedbuck, Nyala, Chobe Bushbuck, Southern Impala, Oribi, Red Duiker, Grey Duiker, Livingstone Suni, Steenbuck, Sharpes Grysbuck, Warthog, Bushpig, Yellow Baboon


- Charter from Beira International                 1.5 hours

- Best Hunting Time                                      June - November

- Average Day Time Temperature                15'C    - 35'C